I actually started to do some re-editing on my comic ,well, the first page at least and a few more to re-edit. If all goes well, the pages will be on my website. keep in mind that the pages read like the traditional manga comics, which is right to left. I had to change the characters because I couldn't get the likeness rights from my friends. Although, saying that, it might of turned out better as it allows me to be a bit more creative. I think that all my friends are great, as a lot of them have helped me out alot. Each one has multiple talents and abilities as well as great advise and are unique, as in, they don't follow everyone else and do their own thing. Most importantly they have  their own personalities and are all individual, this is great as alot of people are afraid to be themselves as they fear that they may lose their friends. If friends can't accept you for the person you are, then they're not really friends. because we're all into a variety of things such as music, art, films, games and education so there's always something to talk about when I greet people.
I have actually started some work on script that will be a comic at some point (theres more jokes that work with the comic) . It's going to become a radio show at the moment. I have had to change the characters names and for the comics, change the apperance. I have had a word with the actors and still waiting for the response to see if anyone is interested in playing the roles for the characters. Once the voices are done, sound effects and music will be added afterward.