Actors And Comics.
Aaaaaagggghhh!! is all I feel right now, as I now need to find some more voice actors as the ones I had can't make it on time for whatever reason. I'm getting so desperate for actors I'm considering giving one of the roles to Kobayashi, I mean Puni Puni Poemy! ha ha!
I woulld also like to take this oppotunity to say My radio show is just a laugh (when it airs) As cheesy as it sounds,  I'm trying to say "Just be yourself... (unless you are acting in something, where being yourself won't look quite right) I hope that all listeners will enjoy it and have a very good sense of humour, and if they don't, they can always listen to radio stoke signal, 1, 2 etc or switch it off and go and watch a DVD, watch TV, Play on the computer or read a book.

I am hoping that my other comics will be turned into a radio drama, get permissions of those people to release the comic I was originally going to release ( I did say that I would involve these people as they did help me out so much, and for that, I am eternaly grateful ). eventually  I will release them as comic. I can also release some really cool concept art and additional pictures that are involved with the stories. I think that doing the radio show and releasing the comics will be great as I will be reaching a variety of audience. Those who don't Listen to the radio who read comics and visa versa. At the moment I am not being paid but would like to be in the future.