yay! For all those that have visited, I really appreciate that you are liking my artwork and as you guys and girls now know, I am literally into a bit of everything. so please keep revisiting this site and if there is any piece of art that you would like to see on a poster, cup, keyring or cup please tell me. all possibilities considered.

I know that I keep saying that the comics are coming but the issue I am having at the moment, is likeness rights (using the image of a real person).
Part of the problem is getting the modeller to sign it especially if the modellers lives in various places makes it a bit harder as you need to find them. 

I know that some modellers have agreed by word of mouth, but it needs to be in writing, and because  of my current situation, means that the modeller won't get anything for it.

The other problem is I'm doing various stories about my friends due to them helping me out when I was going through some serious difficulties (i'm not talking about debt) and then I had nothing to give back in return. So,I decided to show how much I appreciate their help, I wrote a comic about them.
Although the stories feature them, they are completely fictional.

The last issue is, only if I have to, change the image so the comics can get out there and on to here and once the permission is given, a weekly radio show, with fictional names of course, may be in the pipe line. I'm enjoying the experience and with anything comes problems and when we  overcome these problems we learn and as we learn  we proceed and as we proceed we succeed. anything else I'll keep you posted.