First I like to say a massive thank you to those who have been visiting and revisiting the sight so far. 
This week I'm going to be talking about censorship, many people will have a fair amount of opinions about it.

Like it or hate it the fact is we need it. If we didn't have it, there would be a hell of a lot more inappropriate or vile thing things that we wouldn't like to see.
Up until now I think that  the censors have become alot more linient on todays films. Sex scenes are longer and  violent content has increased and  the age ratings are lowered  18 to 15  and then 15 to 12. Soon you can expect to see increased violence and sex in family films.

I know it sounds like I'm complaining but a lot of content is cut from anime. Apparently in america they have Bleach Uncut, so what have we got over here half a product? If people are paying through the nose shouldn't they at least get their moneys worth? Those who have the Naruto DVDs watch it in japanese (except season 3:1, dubtitling arrgh! why?!...) it's a lot funnier the voice acting's better and more believeable... 

Something else got me thinking, if games are becoming increasingly detailed and life like, will it put the eqiverlents of ELSPA out of a job as games are becoming film like and the BBCFC deal with that sort of thing.
If you understand film ratings but don't understand game rating here it is in rough; 
3+ means everyone can play even children and there won't be any content.
7+ means there maybe some mild violence or some chilling action
12+ may contain moderate violence, mild to moderate language mild sex innuendo references and mild  blood . 
16+ can contain strong language, stong sex references, drug references bloody scenes and action as well as scaryness
18+ Speaks for itself very aldult orientated could contain very: strong language, sex, horror, torture and drug references.
Most adult games and films are very unsuitable for children as most don't know the difference between fiction and reality, don't understand what is legal and what is not, give them ideas or could be for what ever reason mentally unstable. 
If you have ever been confused by why some games have two age ratings eg BBFC rate it say, 15 and ELSPA rate it 18. it's because of the Full Motion Video (movie) is rated 15 while game play is rated 18.