For all those who have been visiting the site so far i hope everyone, recent and new, have been enjoying this site. Ive seen avatar 3D...twice.
I really like the film, with or without 3D,it's beautiful. There is a morolistic
story in there and is done in a cool way. The sound is fantastic, it has a chillout sound to it. The action is intence and in some parts are quite moving. To be honest, it's one of those films that's hard to describe,not because it's a bad film, it's one of those films that you would need to see for yourself to appreciate it.

As for the Avatar blues whats that all about? people becoming depressed
after seeing the film? It's not because it's a depressing film, it's because their world is so beautiful that when people come back to reality people realise "oh my god, our world is crap!...".

After seeing all that forest, the Na'vi people caring for their world and each other. In our world, we have lots and lots of concrete and lots and lots of crime and disrespectful people.
As sad and cheesy as it sounds, we can have that sort of life. To get that sort of life, we have to start with ourselves. we can't stop pollution but we can help bring it down.

Think of it this way, when rubbish burns or rots and you can smell it, it's entering your body and as it does what kind of bacteria are you breathing in? And what illnessess are they linked to? One way we can deal with this is not to let the trash build up and clean up but don't be constant as this makes bacteria resistant to bleaches and detergents.

As for People, lets try and at least try to get on and develope friendship lets try not to discriminate. Let people choose who they want to be. whether some guy wants to wear a pink shirt or a dress or whether someone wants to choose to be a goth, rocker, skater, emo
punk or choose their sexuality it's up to them. As long as they' re not hurting no one, why should those people get picked on or hurt just because someone doesn't like them?
If people try to get on with those types and more they may be surprised to what new interests that they will learn. Sometime people just want to be excepted for who they are. People who act vulnerable or weak may be having difficulties as they don't know how to deal with life or debt due to upbringing or are having family issues and just need someone to help. Some things to remember are if you are going to help are as in a friendship, makes sure that you are not the one who is always giving food, money and cigarettes etc. Don't put yourself out of pocket some people can use vulnerability and guilt against you. Friendship should be a 50/50 thing.Also you can only do so much for people, advise them to go places like Arch housing for housing and homelessness, Changes for mental health issues Adsis for alcohol issues and Citizen Advise Beaureu for debt money and law issues etc. 

In Naruto Series 4:1 The town, Leaf Village is invaded by Orochimaru's clan ,after a major fall out and battle the village is left in a disaster area.  it is thanks to the villagers' effort that they restore the village to more or less the way it was. Even kids were doing their bit for their village. One thing is the people respect their village and respect the Hokage who died to save it.
What I'm trying to say is,if we try to get on and look after the town and build it back up ourselves with the help of each other, we don't have to wait for the counsil  for six months or so to repair it. It may be only just a fantasy but why not work with the counsil to speeds thing up. It's our town we should be proud of where we live. If not, what makes you think "its crap where I live"? how can you make your area more habitable?, I'm talking about the area, if it's the people you don't like, what's the problem with them? Have you considered they may have mental health problems e.g depression anxiety Bi polar etc  they could have had or are having family, relation or life issues how could you get on with the people to make it more liveable. also remember folks revenge ends in nothing, whereas forgiveness opens doorways and paths.