Last week was a really interesting as I presented at the DJ School. I actually surprised myself as I talked about my website and portfolio for at least 15 minutes.
I could of said more but we'd be here all day.

I know this is a different subject but have you noticed that modern games have become less fun and more of a chore?
Look at the point and click adventures, quality background animations, character animations , sound and mind boggling puzzles.
In some, the voice actings not great but you hardly notice due to the humour. And these PnCs have a good story that keeps you hooked until completing the game.
Some of the best titles that I've played so far are: The Monkey Islands, Broken Swords, The Longest Journey etc. Other Retro games I really like are Golden Eye, Banjo Kazooie, Perfect Dark, Donkey Kong, Castlevania, Abe Oddessy+Exodus, Turok and Stupid invaders. And these are only a few!

The best thing about these games are, they have a SAVE ANYWHERE feature, so, if you get really far in the game and your poor eyes can't take anymore or you need to go out, save, switch off and you'll be in the same place as before. Where is that in modern games? (with exceptions of a few)

Also in modern games, they take the console too much for granted! Limitations of Consoles was great because it made the game makers think and do more eg In Donkey Kong (N64) you had to find certain characters who had specific abilities to do goals in levels you'd already been. The puzzles got your brain working.

Also where has the replay value gone? The only longevity is; games are extremely hard and frustrating. Now it's play, complete, get rid of. Perfect Dark and Golden Eye got you doing missions then gave you something for completing them ( if you did it within a certain time limit) and more if played on a harder setting.
You could play missions again in a more fun way, but if you completed it with a cheat on, it wouldn't let you continue. Same thing with the Tony Hawks games in my opinion, they 've gone down bank abit from when they first started.  They've become ridiculously hard the music doesn't make me feel like "yea lets go for it" and and some missions aren't that clear - it's sometimes guess work.

I do like a variety of games because I see a vast amount of beauty which others do not see. Some inspire my artwork (retro and new).

All I can say Is "Look at the world in unblinkered eyes and look upon things non-judgementally. (that's is how I found all my fantastic friends) Open your mind to everything and who knows what talents you may find within yourself." These are what I say and not what was in a fortune cookie.