As you are aware I'm a fan of anime and manga. I also enjoy a variety of films especially foreign ones . What I don't like is when films and animes are dubbed in English as the voice acting is awful and half of the dialogue is mistranslated.  And don't get me started on Dub titling, that's when they use the American script instead of the Japanese when watching it in Japanese. In other words, when you watch it in japanese the Subtitles don't match up. This is the case with Naruto, because it's on Cartoon Network and Fox kids it has to be in English, not only that, Scenes are cut short or cut out due to the violent content and suggestive scences. I've seen the full episodes and the action is brilliant and can be somewhat bloody.
The problem is that people don't appreciate the films due to it being subtitled. I understand that people have difficulties reading and some may have sight problems but those who have no problems should check out the Japanese films e.g. The Grudge 1 and 2, One Missed Call 1 and 2, Ring 1,2 , other films connected to The Ring which are Ring Virus, Ring 0 (the very beginning) Spiral, The Bride also check out Into The Mirror, Pulse,  Twins Effect(comedy horror- martial arts-vampire film) Taxi 1,2,3 (French versions)Pans Labyrinth, Only Human, The Ophanage (Spanish films).
The thing I hate is when they remake films and ruin them. The films that I think have been respectfuly remade are The Ring 2 as although Americanised they added their own twist to it. Also check out, Pulse (the one with the ghosts in it not the one where the house is struck by lightning and the house comes alive although a good film also) and Mirrors, (American version of into the mirror).

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